A Slice of Eggpie Lane

A collection of nonsense poems which will enchant and amuse children, parents and grandparents alike. Beautifully printed and bound in hard back, this little book is ideal as a special Christmas present. The poet is David Jinks and the illustrations are by Alison Berry. Limited print run. Price is £15 plus P&P.

The poems describe the adventures of creatures living down Eggpie Lane, a real place near Sevenoaks. Read about the Love Flea, the Snuffk and a small green, thoughtful elephant called Humbert. A special book which will be treasured for many years to come.

• Hardback cover with gold foil block design

• Sixty-eight pages long

• Dimensions H 217 x W 154 mm

• Contains 30 pen and ink illustrations

• ISBN 978-0-9934572-0-3

Contact Alison Berry to purchase your copy.