During the Coronavirus lockdown I have taken the opportunity to return to my own painting. I have been focusing on the interior of the Pantheon dome in Rome. I visited Rome many years ago and the Pantheon made a lasting impression. I am fascinated by the subtle variation in colours, the pure abstract design and the deceptive feeling of tromp l’oeil. When I visited, it had recently rained and there was a small pool of water on the floor where the rain had fallen through the oculus. I also visited St Peter’s, but it is the Pantheon that I remember.

Pantheon I, Oil on board, H40 x W30 cm
Pantheon II, Oil on board, H31 x W 48 cm
Pantheon III, Oil on board, H61 x W48 cm

Earlier work……..

One, Oil on canvas
One, Oil, acrylic and soil on linen
One, Oil, acrylic and sand on linen
Burberry, Oil and fabric on oak
Boy Racer, Oil and acrylic on oak
Red Blue Yellow, Oil on oak
Openings, Fabric and oil on oak
Abseiling, Oil on oak
Tartan Grids, Oil and fabric on oak
Wizard of Oz, Oil and acrylic on oak
Yellow Pink White, Oil on oak
White Tartan, Oil on linen
White Tartan on White, Acrylic and marble dust on oak
Black Tartan on Black, Oil and marble dust on oak
Black Tartan on Black, Oil and gloss paint on canvas
Plane and Yellow Oak Tree, Oil on oak
Plane and Oak Tree, Oil on board
Shadow, Oil on board
Plane, Acrylic on board